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On Time, On Budget
Project Objectives
Budget, Budget, Budget
Timing, Timing, Timing
Project Objectives
Budget, Budget, Budget
Timing, Timing, Timing


Time is Money – we know it!...

 We have done literally Hundreds of Flip and Rehabs for Investors and ourselves.

- Hard to find help getting cost effective renovations for a property?

- Struggling to find the right contractor that understands what you need?

- Wouldn’t it be nice to have a contractor you could just point and shoot?

DB2 Contractors has experience with every type of real estate investor.

We have been their absolute key to success.

Investor Clients are Our Partners

We treat our Investor Clients like partners.

 - We treat each project like we’re doing it for our own account.

Do you need a joint venture partner?... Let’s talk ideas!

We have Direct Supply Chain relationships for materials.

This gives us Guaranteed Quality with Great Pricing.

The finished product is exactly what you expect.

No worries, we deliver your project quickly so you can move to the next investment.


Project Objectives

Is your investment property a Flip?, Buy and Hold?, Long Term Rental?

Each of these different objectives requires different approaches to how money is invested in the property.

- Obviously, but how many contractors know this?

- How many contractors have you already had to educate and watch over?

- Shouldn’t a good contractor think like you?

We know all this.  As we said above, we’ve done it HUNDREDS of times.

One brief conversation and we know what to do – we’ve done it before!

Budget, Budget, Budget

“Ooops! – We need more money…”

Have you ever heard that?

- Whoever said it should be gone!

Budgets should be, and with us, are quantifiable and fixed.

  • It’s not hard to assess the scope of a project and stick to it.
  • There is always a ways to put numbers to any situation.

If you are working with someone who can’t do this then you will loose money!

We will guarantee to adhere to your budget, or we pay for it


Timing, Timing, Timing

“It will be just another week…”

HATE hearing that!

 - How can you predict returns when you timing on a project is wrong?

Holding costs

  • Time to market is critical, obviously, but it is also gospel to an Investor.

We not only know this, we live it with our own properties.

Project Management and Experience are the Key to finishing on time


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